Cat Day
(Feb 22nd)

●猫 a cat
●子猫 a kitty
●雄猫 a male cat; a tom cat; a he-cat
●雌猫 a female cat; a she-chat
●飼い猫 a domestic cat
●野良猫;捨て猫 a stray cat
●ペット a pet
●ペットショップ a pet shop; a pet store
●ペットフード pet food
●ペットホテル a pet motel; a pet hotel; pet accommodations
●ペットロス pet loss; pet grief
●動物愛護 animal protection; animal rights; animal welfare; animal protection
●動物愛護団体 an animal rights group; animal rescue; humane society
●動物愛護管理法 Law of Humane Treatment and Management of Animals
●動物愛護週間 Be Kind to Animals Week
●殺処分 (安楽死)euthanasia; (家畜)culling; slaughtering; killing
●殺処分する (to) euthanize; (to) put down
●保健所 a (public) health center; a health care center
●アニマルシェルター an animal shelter
●猫のトイレ a little box

Japan Pet Food Association designated February 22nd (2/22) as “Neko-no-hi (Cat Day)”, and November 1st (11/1) as “Inu-no-hi (Dog Day)” in 1987 (Showa 62nd yr).

The reason why they chose this date as “Cat Day” is “2, two” is pronounced “ni” in Japanese, it sounds like “nyan, nyan, nyan” which is a Japanese onomatopoeia for “meow, meow, meow”.

The reason why they chose this date as “Dog Day” is “1, one” sounds like “wan”, Japanese for “woof”; therefore, November 11th (11/1) can be pronounced as “wan, wan, wan”.

The purpose of “Cat Day” is “to appreciate a happy life with cats and feel joy with cats”.

Besides “Cat Day” in Japan, several cat days are celebrated such as “International Cat Day” on August 8th and “National Cat Day” in the United States on October 29th.

In 2017, the survey by Japan Pet Food Association showed that a number of pet cats was estimated to be larger than the number of pet dogs for the first time since 1994 when the first survey was carried out.

Shops, books and SNS about cute cats have been increasingly popular.

Pet cafes are really paradise for cat lovers where they can play with many cats, take photos of them and relax with them.

Owners of the pet cafes try to relieve cats’ stress to observe “Act on Welfare and Management of Animals” and look for foster homes for rescued cats.

Cats became very popular during an unprecedented cat boom, which led to there being many stray cats and abandoned domestic cats being euthanized every year.

We must face reality: many cats have been treated as products, some people started to keep cats without careful consideration, many of them are abandoned or taken to centers due to their owners’ selfish reasons, and most of them are euthanized.

More and more municipalities and volunteer groups are doing their best to stop animal euthanasia.

“Local Cat Activities” is one of them: volunteer groups catch homeless cats, sterilize them and leave them where they were after cutting the tip of one of their ears in a V-shape as a sign.

Volunteer groups also feed the cats, which have already been sterilized, at the same time every day and provide litter boxes.

Therefore, they can not only help precious lives but also prevent cats from scavenging in garbage bags; however, there are some problems from a sanitation aspect, allergies, offensive odors, noise and damage to cars, houses and gardens.

“Cat Day” is also an awareness day to think about the various matters regarding cats.

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