Mr. Mitsui Jumpei
LEGO Certified Professional


Mr. Jumpei Mitsui was certified as the 13th LEGO Certified Professional in the world when he was a student of the University of Tokyo. He has always enjoyed new challenges in creating amazing artworks with LEGO bricks. We asked his opinion about English learning and education by using LEGO bricks.

【三井 淳平様 プロフィール】

2006年 灘中・高等学校卒業
2011年 世界で13人目、日本人初レゴ認定プロビルダーに認定される
2012年 東京大学大学院工学系研究科修士課程修了
2012年 大手鉄鋼メーカーに入社 同時にレゴ制作やワークショップを開催
2015年 大手鉄鋼メーカー退社、三井ブリックスタジオを創業

[Profile of Jumpei Mitsui]

2006: Graduated from Nada Junior and Senior High Schools
Founded a LEGO Club after entering Natural Science l, University of Tokyo
2011: The 13th LEGO Certified Professional in the world, the first Japanese person
2012: Master of Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo
Joined a major steel manufacturer
Simultaneously started to create artworks with LEGO bricks and held workshops
2015: Left a major steel manufacturer
Founded Mitsui Brick Studio

【1】 初めて英語に触れたのは何歳の時で、どのような形ですか?

When and how were you first exposed to English?


I started to study English seriously as a subject when I was in the 6th grade. I finished studying all of a 3-year English curriculum of junior high school in just one month after the entrance examination for a junior high school. Therefore, I could study English smoothly after I entered junior high school.

【2】 過去、または現在、どのような方法で英語力を高めていますか?

How did you study English when you were a child? More recently how have you tried to improve your English ability?


When I was younger, I studied so-called exam English with textbooks and reference books. As a result, I mastered the abilities of reading and writing to a certain extent. As for listening and speaking, I did not feel I studied enough.
Recently, I have watched more videos and streams from foreign countries on YouTube and Twitch in order to improve my English. In addition, I sometimes enjoy playing online games and speaking English with my foreign friends through a voice chat tool so that I can overcome my weak point of English speaking.

【3】 受験英語と生きた英語のギャップをどのように感じられましたか?

What do you think is the difference between exam English and real English?


The biggest difference I think is the speed. In a business situation, I naturally need to communicate with others in English. They speak so fast that I concentrate my attention on listening English. For this reason, I sometimes feel it difficult to think about the business itself. I should understand directly while listening, not by translating after listening.

【4】 灘中学・高校の英語教育についてどのように感じられますか?

What do you think of the English education system in Nada Junior and Senior High Schools?


The English education system in Nada was appropriate for exam English, so I perfected the basic grammar. On the other hand, I was not good at speaking English because I did not have enough English-speaking lessons. When I entered senior high school, some more native English teachers started to teach English. I guess the students of Nada might have more opportunities to speak English nowadays.

【5】 灘中学・高校に入学して最も良かったことは何ですか?

What is the best thing you experienced in Nada Junior and Senior High Schools?


I met people with extraordinary talents in various fields, and so I realized my own strengths and weaknesses. Nada was a suitable school to improve abilities. My strong subject was chemistry. I did various chemical experiments with excellent members of the chemistry club. We also participated in the Chemistry Grand Prix. We studied hard by competing with each other.

【6】 灘中学の入試のための勉強を何歳頃からどのような形で進めましたか?

When did you start preparing and what did you do for the entrance examination of Nada Junior High School?


I studied at the cram school from the 3rd grade. I mainly studied 3 subjects, mathematics, Japanese and science which were subjects of the entrance examinations for Nada Junior High School. I usually played with my friends until 5 p.m. and then studied at the cram school until night.

【7】 東京大学で学んだことや経験したことが、現在の仕事にどのように生かされていますか?

How do you take advantage of what you studied and experienced at the University of Tokyo in your current job?


The specialized knowledge of metallic materials which was my major isn’t directly connect to my current job. However, I thoroughly acquired the skills necessary for work, such as the writing of logical documents and reading of data. I had a lot of opportunities to read academic papers and talk with foreign students in universities and graduate school. I gradually exposed more to English.

【8】 レゴ認定プロビルダーというのはどのような仕事ですか?

What is the job as a professional LEGO builder like?


A professional LEGO builder creates objects with LEGO bricks. I get orders for artworks with LEGO bricks from companies, local governments and so on. Many of my creations have been displayed in exhibitions, shops and shop windows. Most of the artworks are longer or taller than 1 meter. It takes me a few months to complete one.

【9】 幼児期からレゴに触れることのメリット、またもしあればデメリットについてお教え下さい。

Please let us know about the advantages and disadvantages, if any, of building with LEGO bricks


Playing with LEGO bricks is an effective way to learn the process of trial and error, while children are building something and take it apart repeatedly. They can easily reproduce objects however many times they fail. I don’t think there are any disadvantages of playing with LEGO bricks.

【10】 親が子供とレゴをする際に、何か心がけることや気を付けることはありますか?

Is there anything to keep in mind and take care of when parents play with LEGO bricks with their children?


It is good for children to play with their parents and try to build LEGO bricks following their parents. In my case, I often mimicked my brother’s way. After mimicking someone, children will find their own ways.

【11】 今まで創った作品の中で最も思い入れが強いものは何ですか?

Which do you have the strongest feelings for among your creations with LEGO bricks?


It is a ship which took me 6 years to complete in my school days. It is a large-scale work longer than 6 meters because I built it on the scale of 1/40 of the original ship. I am satisfied with its high level of detail. More than that, I learned a lot of things such as the calculation of strength and techniques of modeling while I was building the ship. I posted the photos of the ship on the internet. As it was also introduced in articles of foreign websites, this became an opportunity for me to be known to people around the world.

【12】 デジタル時代に今後レゴの世界はどのように変化していくと思いますか。

How do you think the world surrounding LEGO bricks will change in the digital age?


The integration of LEGO bricks and digital technology has already accelerated, such as products which are compatible with programming. Programming education in elementary school has become a required course; therefore, products of a collaboration of Digital Technology and LEGO bricks will be more and more familiar to us. On the other hand, original basic LEGO bricks will remain as popular as they are now. As LEGO bricks are a type of a toy which we can touch directly, they will remain an effective tool to learn the process of trial and error in the future, the same as always.
As a professional LEGO builder, I would like to try objects which are a fusion of LEGO bricks and the latest digital technology by using AR and projection mapping techniques.

【13】 プライベートと仕事をどのように分けていますか?

How do you draw the line between your private life and work?


I hardly play with LEGO bricks in my private life. Even if I privately build objects, I post them on You Tube as work after all. In that sense, I draw a line between my private life and work by the time related to LEGO bricks or not.

【14】 あなたが、尊敬する人、目標とする人、ライバルだと思う人などについてお聞かせ下さい。

Please let us know about the people you respect, admire and regard as rivals.


15 people in the world are certified as professional LEGO builders. I respect and regard as rivals many of them. Some are working on a global scale and others have big, successful events. I often become motivated by them. All the certified professional LEGO builders are good friends with each other. We have a wonderful time when we get together and enjoy talking in English.

【15】 プロレゴビルダーを目指す人々へのメッセージをお願いします。

Could you give a message to people who aim to be a professional LEGO builder?


Nowadays, it is essential for you to offer information by yourself. Why don’t you post your artworks with LEGO bricks to the world by making effective use of SNS or YouTube? Your artworks promote interaction with people in the world. It will be a great encouragement for you to widen your worldview.